Budgeting Reform Implementation Committee

The Budgeting Reform Implementation Committee is charged with providing input on recommendations made by previous budget reform-related committees and working groups regarding the implementation of various components of the new budget system, including tuition and other revenue distributions, cost attribution drivers and timing, etc. The committee will also provide recommendations on implementation and monitoring of the budget system. Recommendations will include a three-year transition plan.

Budgeting Reform Implementation Committee Charge AY 2017-18

2017-18 Committee Members

Larry DeBrock, Department of Economics and Finance, Chair
Amy Edwards, Division of Management Information
Barb Geissler, College of Education
Philippe Geubelle, Department of Aerospace Engineering
Andrea Hoey, Office of the Provost
Curtis Perry, Department of English
Paul Redman, College of Fine and Applied Arts
Suzanne Rinehart, Office of the Provost
Gene Robinson, Institute for Genomic Biology and Department of Entomology
Sharee Robinson, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
Michael Yao, Department of Advertising
Paul Ellinger, Offices of the Chancellor and Provost, ex officio
Vicky Gress, Office of the Provost, ex officio