Who to Ask?

Budget and Resource Planning

Function Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Administrative Budget Committee Andrea Hoey Vicky Gress
Alcohol/Meal Approvals provostbudget@illinois.edu
Annual Budget Allocations Andrea Hoey
Annual Budget Guidelines Vicky Gress Andrea Hoey
Annual Report Guidance Vicky Gress Andrea Hoey
AP & Civil Service Hiring Request Forms Vicky Gress
AP Promotion & Mid-year Increase Requests Vicky Gress
Budget Development (System & Access) Matt Wolfersberger Gina Oleynichak
Budget Reform Initiative Paul Ellinger Vicky Gress
Budget Summary for Operations Matt Wolfersberger
Budget Transfer Processing Janet Wick Gina Oleynichak
Car Pool Release Forms provostbudget@illinois.edu
Chair/Professorship Funding Mary Jones Jenny Gibson
CITL Tuition Revenues Gina Oleynichak Matt Wolfersberger
Commitments – Recurring/Non-recurring Jenny Gibson Andrea Hoey
Coursera Tuition Revenues Gina Oleynichak Matt Wolfersberger
Coursera Non-degree Revenues Andrea Hoey Gina Oleynichak
Deficit Reports Vicky Gress Matt Wolfersberger
DMI/Campus Profile Amy Edwards
Facilities & Services Rate Review Vicky Gress
Faculty-related HR questions Bill Bernhard
FCIAA Process Mary Jones Andrea Hoey
Financial Analysis & Reporting Matt Wolfersberger
Fiscal Year End Close Process Gina Oleynichak Janet Wick
Hiring Plans Vicky Gress
Indirect Cost Recovery Vicky Gress Matt Wolfersberger
Indirect Cost Recovery Special Distribution Codes, F&A and Remission Adj. Janet Wick Matt Wolfersberger
Investment for Growth Program Vicky Gress Andrea Hoey
Library/IT Fees – Unit Budgets Gina Oleynichak Andrea Hoey
Loans (Internal) Jenny Gibson Andrea Hoey
Pilot Program for Revenue Generating Activities Andrea Hoey Vicky Gress
Procurement – Campus-level Approvals Vicky Gress
Provost Communication #1 Paul Ellinger Vicky Gress
Provost Team Annual Budget Review Paul Ellinger Vicky Gress
Requests for New Funding Paul Ellinger Vicky Gress
Salary Program Administration Vicky Gress Andrea Hoey
Space/Leases Matthew Tomaszewski
State (IF) to Plant Transfer Approvals Andrea Hoey Vicky Gress
Technology Services Rate Review Vicky Gress
Term Sick Leave Janet Wick
TOP/Dual Career Funding Mary Jones Andrea Hoey
Tuition Allocation & True-ups Gina Oleynichak Andrea Hoey
Tuition & Fee Rate Requests Gina Oleynichak Andrea Hoey