William Bernhard portrait

William Bernhard

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
(217) 333-6677

Susan Maxwell
(217) 333-3459

As Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, William Bernhard provides leadership in the areas of academic affairs and faculty affairs. His portfolio includes faculty development, the Provost Fellows program, human resources, academic awards, and assessment.

William holds a B.A. in government from Cornell University, and a M.A. and Ph.D in political science from Duke University. His research centers on international political economy, with a focus on how international financial markets react to and, in turn, affect domestic political processes (Pricing Politics: Financial Markets and Political Processes, Cambridge University Press, 2006). His research also investigates the strategic choices of political actors, including how parties manage candidate nominations and how legislators develop reputations for trustworthiness, effectiveness, and loyalty. His recent work has been recognized with several best paper awards, including the 2015 Patrick J. Fett Award and the 2014 Jewell-Lowenberg Award. In 2014-15, he was an Associate at the Center for Advanced Study.

Dr. Bernhard was the Associate Provost for Faculty Development from 2015 through May 2017, as well as the Interim Executive Associate Dean for the College of Media from 2016 through May 2017, when he was appointed Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. Prior to joining the Provost’s Office, William served as the Head of the Department of Political Science.