Concurrent Enrollment (Parkland College)

Policy and Procedure

Students will decide which courses they would like to take and meet with their academic office for guidance. Students are required to submit their academic history from Self-Service as a PDF to Parkland in addition to completing the concurrent enrollment form, the link to which can be found at the bottom of this page (note there is a separate form for international students, as they are subject to different regulations)

Important note: Students using Financial Aid must still complete the Student Financial Aid Concurrent Enrollment Agreement available here.

Concurrent Enrollment at Parkland College

Illinois students who want to take courses at Parkland College during the summer, fall or spring terms must download, carefully read, and fill out the appropriate Concurrent Enrollment form.

For U.S. resident students:  click here (New August 2015)
For international students:  click here (New August 2015)

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