Concurrent Enrollment (Parkland College)

Policy and Procedure

Effective: January 1, 2012

Following discussions amongst various stakeholder groups and with input from representatives from relevant units across campus and at Parkland College, a new procedure is in place for all students seeking concurrent enrollment at Parkland College.  This procedure will:

  1. Eliminate the disparate university procedures around Parkland concurrent enrollment, thereby providing a unified process and form for all students.;
  2. Align with our existing policy for other transfer institutions, where final responsibility lies with the student and the receiving institution. 

Students are still expected to speak with their respective academic  offices to ensure that the courses they take at Parkland are in alignment with the student’s goals.  With the new procedure, the student is now responsible to make sure course(s) transfer appropriately between institutions rather than Illinois personnel signing off on the validity of Parkland courses.   

Students will continue to decide which courses they would like to take and meet with their academic office for guidance. Students are now required to print their academic history from Self-Service to take to Parkland along with the new concurrent enrollment form.  They must complete the steps on the form.  Note there is a separate set of instructions for international students, as they are subject to different regulations.

The revised concurrent enrollment form does not differ greatly for Illinois staff members. There are two primary changes with the new form: 1) A list of instructions for the student and 2) The signature of an Illinois staff member is no longer needed on the form.  Most of the changes will be for the student, who will now have more ownership of the concurrent enrollment process.

Important note: Students using Financial Aid must still complete the Student Financial Aid Concurrent Enrollment Agreement available at

Effective immediately, all academic units/colleges offices at Illinois are asked to adopt this new set of procedures and dispose of existing Parkland concurrent enrollment forms. Parkland College will only accept the new form for those students seeking concurrent enrollment starting with the Summer 2012 term and going forward. The new form is available below.  Please update all links to the Parkland concurrent enrollment form that exist on any and all unit websites and include the information below to provide guidance to students.

Concurrent Enrollment at Parkland College

Illinois students who want to take courses at Parkland College during the summer, fall or spring terms must download, carefully read, and fill out the appropriate Concurrent Enrollment form.

For U.S. resident students:  click here (New December 2014)
For international students:  click here (New December 2014)

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