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Average Steps per Minute for Different Exercises article on If you don’t have a pedometer, FitBit, app, etc. you can use the table(s) on this page to estimate your steps based on the number of minutes you walk, run, or participate in other activities. Please also consider downloading the Activity to Step Converter (see the last link on this page: Step Conversion for Everyday Activities), as you can include many different activities in your step count by converting minutes to steps.

Campus Recreation

Campus Wellbeing Services

Resources from Campus Wellbeing Services that you can download/print:

Staying Fit in a Frantic World, June 25, 2018 Kickoff Presentation by Michele Guerra, Director of Campus Wellbeing Services
100 Ways to Add 2,000 Steps
ABCs to Creating Solutions to Barriers
American Council on Exercise: Fit Facts – A Walk a Day
American Council on Exercise: Fit Facts – Everything in Moderation
Fit It In by Spreadin’ It Out!
Take Your Dog for a Walk (even if you don’t have a dog)

Convert miles to steps (link to external website)

iWalk Toolkit (from Campus Recreation)

Log your steps (online form to participate in the competition)

Map My Walk (also available as a phone app)

Personal Step Log (Excel file)

Register for the Health & Wellness Initiative Summer 2018 Step Challenge.

Step Conversion for Everyday Activities (Excel file)

The Walking Site (link to external website)