Employee Health & Wellness Initiative

Welcome to the Provost’s Employee Health & Wellness Initiative!

Campus administrative offices who would like to participate will enter into a friendly competition over the course of six weeks to challenge ourselves to be more health conscious, starting with our second annual Summer Step Challenge. The Office of the Provost initiated this challenge in summer 2017 and in 2018 it has expanded to include other offices who have expressed an interest in participating. Register here!


Teams are comprised of staff within administrative offices on the Illinois campus (e.g., Offices of the Provost, Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Research, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement, Illinois Human Resources, and Illinois International Programs). For the purpose of the weekly Standings, team steps will be averaged based on its number of participants for that particular week. (For example, if there are 50 total participants on a team but only 10 submit their steps, the total number of steps submitted will be divided by 10.)

304 total participants as of August 1, 2018

Challenge Dates

The Summer 2018 Step Challenge officially began June 25 and concluded August 5. You can register at any time.

Logging Steps

Track your daily steps using your method(s) of choice (Personal Step Log (downloadable Excel file), FitBit, phone app, pencil and paper, etc.).

Keep track of your steps while on vacation, travel, in the evenings and on the weekends, etc. “Steps” from activities other than walking or running can be included using an activity conversion calculator. We encourage you to download this Activity to Step Converter to keep track of your progress throughout the challenge. You may wish to use the Personal Step Log and Activity to Step Converter together. This will allow you to record your weekly steps from all sources (i.e., pedometer, FitBit, app, as well as steps converted from activities).

You will enter weekly step totals into the Health & Wellness Initiative – Step Log.

Log Submission Deadlines

Submit your weekly step logs by the following deadlines to ensure that they are included in the weekly Standings. You must be registered to log your steps.

Competition Week Submission Deadline
June 25-July 1 July 2
July 2-8 July 9
July 9-15 July 16
July 16-22 July 23
July 23-29 July 30
July 30-August 5 August 6
A Few Things to Remember
  • Track your daily steps on your own (such as with the Personal Step Log) and log your weekly total each Monday.
  • Remember that you can convert general exercise and other activities (e.g., yard work, softball, horseshoes, fishing, and more). Use the Activity to Step Converter for this.
  • This is the honor system! For any given activity, count only steps from your pedometer/tracking device or activity converter – not both. No double-counting!
  • For your weekly steps to be included in the weekly Standings, your log entry must be submitted by the end of the day Monday following the competition week.
Have fun and get fit!

This is a great way to meet new colleagues and represent your office in a fun and healthy way. We hope you will join us this summer!

Got questions?

If you have questions or would like more information about registering or involving your office in the challenge, please contact Debbie Kemphues.

Updated 8/1/2018