Teaching Advancement Board Travel Grants

Due to budget uncertainties, funding for the Travel Grant program has been suspended.

The Teaching Advancement Board (TAB) provides Teaching Advancement Travel Grants to assist individuals seeking to participate in a distant seminar or workshop that primarily aims to improve or enhance teaching and learning outcomes.

Application Deadlines

There are no deadlines for travel applications. They will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Only one signed original copy is required. Applications for travel commencing less than three weeks after the submission date will not be considered. The results are typically reported to the applicant approximately two weeks after the submission date.

Applicant Eligibility and Award Limits

Travel awards are limited to full-time faculty members or lecturers with significant instructional involvement. In general, no individual may receive more than one travel grant in any given fiscal year. All travel outside the United States will be considered foreign travel. Applicants with current external grant support for teaching activities will not be considered. Awards will not be made for the same trip from both the TAB Travel Grant program and the Scholars’ Travel Fund administered by the Campus Research Board.

Travel Award Limits

Teaching Advancement Travel Grants, which are modeled after Scholars’ Travel Fund awards, include a standard amount based on  the distance from Champaign-Urbana and existing airfares. This standard amount is referred to as the Travel Award. In addition to the Travel Award, however, a Supplemental Expense Allotment may be awarded.

A list of the Travel Awards for various destinations is at http://research.illinois.edu/stf. If the applicant’s destination does not appear on this list, then the Travel Award will be calculated for the destination after submission of the application. Requests for support are not limited to the destinations listed; the list of destinations is for planning purposes only.

In addition to the Travel Award, a Supplemental Expense Allotment may be awarded. If awarded, a lump sum is allotted based on the number of days that the conference is in session and attended by the applicant. The amount of the Supplemental Allotment is calculated on the basis of $100 per day, and actual expenses will be deducted from the total Supplemental Expense Allotment awarded. The maximum Supplemental Expense Allotment is $500.

Teaching Advancement Travel Grants may be used for airfare, reimbursement of automobile mileage, registration fees, taxis, trains, busses, subways, business telephone calls, business expenses, toll road charges, parking charges, meals, and lodging. Payment of association dues is not an allowable expense from the TAB Travel funds.

Grant Administration Information

Upon return from approved travel, the departmental unit of the faculty member will complete the Expense Report and submit it to the Accounting Division for payment. The department will also send a copy of the Expense Report to the TAB office at tab-awards@illinois.edu. At the end of the semester the TAB will initiate a budget transfer for an amount up to the amount of the faculty member’s award to reimburse the department. The faculty member and departmental units are responsible for making sure that all University policies for travel reimbursements are followed.

Application Instructions

Due to budget uncertainties, funding for the Travel Grant program has been suspended.