Distinguished Promotions

During its annual promotion review process, the Campus Committee on Promotion and Tenure identifies exceptional cases of scholars whose contributions have been extraordinary in terms of quality of work and overall achievement. A small percentage of scholars at each level of tenured faculty promotion (associate professor and full professor) are selected to receive Campus Distinguished Promotion Awards. Each receives a discretionary fund to support their scholarly activities.

RecipientRankDepartmentAward Year 
Alison Bell ProfessorAnimal Biology2018
Nathan Dunfield ProfessorMathematics2018
Rebecca Fuller ProfessorAnimal Biology2018
Brendan Harley ProfessorChemical and Biomolecular Engineering2018
Princess Imoukhuede Associate ProfessorBioengineering2018
Eduardo Ledesma Associate ProfessorSpanish and Portuguese2018
Douglas Mitchell ProfessorChemistry2018
SungWoo Nam Associate ProfessorMechanical Science and Engineering2018
Heidi Phillips Associate ProfessorVeterinary Clinical Medicine2018
Eric Pritchard Associate ProfessorEnglish2018
Andrew Smith Associate ProfessorBioengineering2018
Diane Beck ProfessorPsychology2017
Donna Buchanan ProfessorMusic2017
Francina Dominguez Associate ProfessorAtmospheric Sciences2017
Nora El-Gohary Associate ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering2017
Randy Ewoldt Associate ProfessorMechanical Science & Engineering2017
Timothy Fan ProfessorVet Clinical Med2017
Prashant Jain Associate ProfessorChemistry2017
Lilya Kaganovsky ProfessorComparative & World Literature2017
Robert Pilawa-Podgurski Associate ProfessorElectrical & Computer Engineering2017
Sonali Shah Associate ProfessorBusiness Administration2017
Daniel Shike Associate ProfessorAnimal Sciences2017
Brad Sutton ProfessorBioengineering2017
Ryan Dilger Associate ProfessorAnimal Sciences2016
Mani Golparvar FardAssociate ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering2016
Hyunjoon Kong ProfessorChemical & Biomolecular Engineering2016
Nadya Mason ProfessorPhysics2016
Robert Morrissey Associate ProfessorHistory2016
Yanfeng Ouyang ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering2016
Paris Smaragdis Associate ProfessorElectrical & Computer Engineering2016
Rebecca Stumpf ProfessorAnthropology2016
Antonio Augoustakis ProfessorMedieval Studies2015
Jianjun Cheng ProfessorMaterials Science & Engineering2015
Brendan Harley Associate ProfessorChemical & Biomolecular Engineering2015
Derek Hoiem Associate ProfessorComputer Science2015
Jennifer Teper ProfessorInformation Sciences2015
Daniel Wasserman Associate ProfessorElectrical & Computer Engineering2015
Tami Bond ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering2014
Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia Associate ProfessorElectrical & Computer Engineering2014
Lane Martin Associate ProfessorMaterials Science & Engineering2014
Nicole Riemer Associate ProfessorAtmospheric Sciences2014
Kelly Swanson ProfessorAnimal Sciences2014
Amy Ando ProfessorAgricultural & Consumer Economics2013
Robert DeVille Associate ProfessorMathematics2013
Larry Fahnestock Associate ProfessorCivil & Environmental Engineering2013
Matthias Grosse PerdekampProfessorPhysics2013
Elvira de MejiaProfessorFood Science & Human Nutrition2012
Eric Pop Associate ProfessorElectrical & Computer Engineering2012
Jay Rosenstein ProfessorMedia & Cinema2012
Brad Sutton Associate ProfessorElectrical & Computer Engineering2012