Resources & Workshops

The following internal and external resources can help programs learn about assessment.

Assessment Resources at Illinois


The campus is undergoing a systematic approach to collecting assessment information for every degree program. Each program is asked to fill out the assessment template.

Download the assessment plan template:

Graduate/Professional Degree Template
Undergraduate Template

Five Steps to Filling Out the Assessment Template:

  1. Describe how assessment will be administered in the department/program.
  1. List the intended student learning outcomes for the degree program.
    • What should students know or be able to do if they complete the degree program?
  1. Map the curriculum onto the student learning outcomes.
    • Where are the students learning the intended program outcomes?
    • What shared experiences do the students have outside of the curriculum?
  1. Explain what assessment activity has taken place.
    • What did you learn from past assessment activities?
    • How did you use what you learned to affirm or improve the student experience?
  1. Identify the questions the department wants to ask about the student outcomes and how the questions will be answered using direct and indirect assessment strategies.
    • Are the students learning what you want them to learn?
    • How will you know that your students are learning the program outcomes?
    • What information will you collect to better understand student learning?

Undergraduate templates were due to the Provost’s office by May 1, 2017.
Graduate templates were due to the Provost’s office by April 1, 2018.

Examples of Completed Templates

A few degree programs who started early have agreed to share their completed templates. As these become available, they will be shared here.


The campus provides various workshops for assisting units with learning outcomes assessment. Some topics include: Introduction to Assessment Planning, Writing Learning Outcomes, Mapping the Curriculum, Methods and Measures for Assessing Learning and Program Quality.

See more information on workshops, including the dates and times.

Campus Tools

University of Illinois Learning Outcomes: The campus learning outcomes outline the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of all students who graduate from the University of Illinois.

Chancellor’s Senior Survey: All senior students are asked what activities they participate, what they learn during their time on campus, how comfortable they are on campus, and how satisfied they are with their experiences.

First Destination Survey: All graduating students are asked about their next steps after graduation, such as employment, graduate school, volunteering.

Illinois ePortfolios: Students who want to create an ePortfolio have the opportunity to use the Illinois ePortfolio system. Programs may use the ePortfolio for assessing student learning.

Campus Profile: Items from the campus profile may be included as indirect evidence of student learning. For instance, information on student retention and graduation rates can be examined.

External Resources for Assessment


National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA): This site has a comprehensive list of searchable by keywords resources. NILOA also publishes its own research and papers.

Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U): Through the Liberal Education and America’s Promise initiative, AAC&U has gathered information on essential learning outcomes, principles of excellence, high-impact educational practices, authentic assessments, and students’ signature work.

Higher Learning Commission (HLC): The University is accredited by the Higher Learning commission.


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