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Community Health

Kinesiology & Community Health
Head: Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko
Department Office: 127 Huff Hall, 1206 South Fourth, Champaign, (217) 333-2307

The Community Health Program at the University of Illinois offers three programs at the undergraduate level which prepare students to participate in the changing world of health care and health behavior: Health Education, Health Planning and Administration and Rehabilitation Studies. All curricula are built on a foundation of general education courses which emphasize communication skills and critical thinking. The Professional Core courses are designed to help students develop skills in planning, implementation, and evaluation in the context of health services and programs.

Students must complete an internship during their senior year in a setting related to the degree and their interests. Recent internship sites have included the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, hospitals, nursing homes, fitness centers, work site health education programs, and substance abuse prevention centers.

Further information is available from the Academic Affairs Office, Department of Kinesiology and Community Health, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1206 S. Fourth Street, 129 Huff Hall, Champaign, IL 61820, (217)333-2307.

A 5 year BS MPH joint degree program is available for students majoring in Community Health, I-Health, or Kinesiology. Students apply for the program in the latter part of their third year (junior year) of study. Students accepted into the BS MPH joint degree program take 12 credit hours of coursework in their senior year that apply to both BS and MPH degrees. In the 5th year of study, students complete the remaining requirements for the MPH degree, and graduate simultaneously with both BS and MPH degrees. A summary of the requirements for the MPH degree is provided at: The requirements are explained in more detail on the MPH program website:

Requirements Including General Education

The Community Health Program requires certain courses from the approved lists be taken as noted below. The prescribed courses prepare the student for upper division study and may be used to satisfy General Education Requirements provided they are on the appropriate General Education List.

Hours Communication Arts
6-7 Composition I and an approved speech performance course; or CMN 111 and CMN 112
3-4 Advanced Composition (CHLH 304 fulfills requirement)

Hours Quantitative Reasoning I & II
6 From approved campus list (must include a course in statistics from approved campus list) (CHLH 244 and 421 fulfills requirement)

Hours Humanities and the Arts
9 From approved campus list

Hours Social and Behavioral Sciences
9 From approved campus list

Hours Natural Sciences and Technology
9 From approved campus list

Hours Cultural Studies 1
3 From Western cultures approved campus list
3 From U.S. minority cultures or non-Western cultures approved campus list
  Foreign Language: Completion through the third level of the same language in high school or college
48-50 Total General Education hours

1. Courses in cultural studies may be completed through other categories where appropriate.

Kinesiology and Community Health Department Core Requirements

Hours Kinesiology and Community Health Department Core Requirements
3 CHLH 101 - Introduction to Public Health
3 KIN 122 - Physical Activity and Health

Community Health Program Core Requirements

Hours Community Health Professional Core Requirements
3 CHLH 100 - Contemporary Health
1 CHLH 125 - Professional Seminar
2 CHLH 210 - Community Health Organizations
3 CHLH 250 - Health Care Systems
3 CHLH 274 - Introduction to Epidemiology
4 CHLH 304- Foundations of Health Behavior
4 CHLH 410 - Public Health Practice
3 CHLH 421 - Health Data Analysis

Areas of Concentration

Hours Health Education and Promotion
3 FSHN 120 - Contemporary Nutrition
2 CHLH 200 - Mental Health
2 CHLH 206 - Human Sexuality
2 CHLH 243 - Drug Use and Abuse
1 CHLH 380 - Orientation to Internship
8 CHLH 485 - Community Health Internship

Hours Health Planning and Administration
3 CHLH 455 - Health Services Financing
3 CHLH 457 - Health Planning
3 CHLH 458 - Health Administration
1 CHLH 380 - Orientation to Internship
8 CHLH 485 - Community Health Internship

Hours Rehabilitation Studies
3 REHB 330 - Disability in American Society
4 REHB 402 - Medical Aspects of Disability
2 REHB 435 - Job Placement Techniques
1 CHLH 380 - Orientation to Internship
8 CHLH 485 - Community Health Internship

Correlate Areas

Each student completes correlates that are planned with the assigned advisor. These courses are designed to enhance and support career goals.

Hours Correlates
18 Select courses from the departmentally approved list.

Summary of Degree Requirements

Hours Requirements
48-50 General Education
6 Kinesiology and Community Health Core
23 Community Health Professional Core
18 Area of Concentration
18 Correlate area
13-15 Free electives
128 Total hours required for graduation